Hear Sunday Services by Phone

If you know of anyone who would like to hear our services using just their phone, these recordings are available for the week after on is 01828 921935. 

This actually an Inchture number and so treated as a local call in call packages or pay-as-you-go.



As well as the service produced by Graham, if you are interested in alternatives, such as a “live” 11.00 service, led by Rev Cathy Brodie for Craigiebank l/w Douglas and Mid Craigie, please contact me by e-mail at kga@scot-int.com and I will send you the Zoom link, which is available now.

Another alternative is a YouTube offering from Diane Stirling, also on behalf of Craigiebank l/w Douglas and Mid Craigie and again, I can give you the link, which will be available on Sunday morning.

Ken Andrew