The edict below, which relates to the proposed union of St Luke’s and Queen Street, Broughty Ferry New Kirk and Broughty Ferry St James will be read in church on the next two Sundays. I think it is self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, or if you wish to take any action based on it, please let me know.
Best regards

St. Luke’s and Queen Street Church, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.REVISION OF ELECTORAL REGISTER – Section 14(6) To be read on two Sundays. Notice is hereby given that since more than six months have elapsed since the Electoral Register of this congregation of St. Luke’s and Queen Street was made up, it is now proposed that it should be revised. If you believe that your name ought to be on the Register, you can ask for confirmation immediately after this service by contacting the Roll keeper ( Les McKay 776413 lesmackay@btinternet.com ) or from the Session Clerk ( Ken Andrew 776765 kga@scot-int.com ) If you find that your name does not appear, it can be added in the following circumstances:

  • If your name has been added to the full Communion Roll since the Register was drawn up, then your name will automatically be placed upon the Electoral Register on its revision. You will need to take no further action.
  • If you are a regular worshipper here, but are still a member of another congregation, then you should arrange to hand in to the Session Clerk a valid Certificate of Transference before the Kirk Session meets.
  • If you a regular worshipper here, and not a member of this, or any other congregation, then the Kirk Session can add your name to the Electoral Register as an “adherent”. If you wish the Kirk Session to consider this, you should obtain a form from the Session Clerk, complete it and return it to him before the Kirk Session meets.

The Kirk Session will meet virtually on Sunday the 25th day of April 2021 at 14.30 to revise the Electoral Register.

Rev. Willie Strachan – Interim Moderator

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