Today’s Rally

With no sport on the TV, I have resorted to looking at the ‘back catalogue’. One series I am thoroughly enjoying is the recent Dakar Rally through Saudi Arabia. I have to say the scenery is stunning.

However, even more inspiring is the courage of all the competitors not least the motorcyclists.

One came a cropper and was so badly stunned, he wasn’t sure where he was. Yet he still 1280px-Joan_Barreda_Piloto_Amv_Dakar_2016_(137839365)had one overriding ambition (excuse the pun) and that was to finish.

The medics allowed him to try as they followed through the sands in a helicopter. He did finish the stage 100 km later. It was only then they discovered he had multiple fractures to his arm!

In the normal course, we would never attempt let alone want to finish such a gruelling challenge. But many today are on such a life epic. This could be because of illness, loneliness, worry or grief. Therefore, let them not travel alone; let us be their support on the ground and ask God’s oversight from on high. Let us phone, skype and email. Let us keep the rescue channel of prayer always on transmit.

For then we all ride on to finish our mutual rally across this uncertain landscape.

Looking forward to your jubilee

Yesterday was a special day for a special member of our congregation. It was Jim Nimmo’s 90th birthday! So, on behalf of all of St Luke’s, many happy returns

Now everyone celebrating a birthday at the moment must do so under the constraints of birthday-cake-380178_640social distancing. The result is we may not feel our special day is that wonderful. But perhaps this year of restraint will make future big days even bigger.

Since the ancient Israelites too realised that personal celebrations should be treated with respect if they are to hold onto their true impact. Indeed, the suggested we should only have a jubilee every 50 years!

Well, that is a bit extreme. But let us look forward in faith to sharing our big days with one another once the crisis is over.

In the meantime, let’s give each other an ‘un-birthday’ present by staying at home. For then we will do our part in preparing for the glorious jubilee described by Leviticus:

In it you shall not sow, neither reap that which grows of itself,

nor gather from the undressed vines.

 For it is a jubilee; it shall be holy to you.